Corporate Social Responsibility

General ethos

LUNS takes its responsibilities seriously, not only to our clients and suppliers but also to our employees and the community and wider environment at large.

The decisions we make, and the way in which we carry them out, cannot be viewed in isolation – they impact on many people, to varying degrees and in a variety of ways.

We’re happy not only to embrace the principles of corporate social responsibility but to build them into the very core of our structure, operations and activities.

It’s an ethos that directors, managers and all our staff are involved in cultivating, observing and actively developing at every opportunity and in every situation.

As well as the general principles described, LUNS has specific policies covering our responsibilities to the environment, to our communities, to our staff and to our suppliers.

Lancaster University Network Services Ltd has developed a full environmental policy and is currently working towards ISO14001.

Environmental Responsibility

Broadly, we strive to:

• Reduce waste and recycling wherever possible
• Reuse equipment as much as possible and encourage our clients to do the same
• Reduce our employees’ annual mileage
• Monitor and reduce energy consumption in the office and server rooms
• Actively seek to work with environmentally responsible suppliers.
• Promote non-car based commuting

Community Responsibility

Our employees are encouraged to take an active part in community projects and charities and the company supports their roles in these areas.

LUNS staff have diverse interests and, on an individual basis, give their time and efforts to a range of community groups, such as Morecambe Search and Rescue.

As a company, LUNS has brought tangible benefits to many local rural communities by leading the way in finding innovative solutions to the development of rural broadband solutions.

Industry Responsibility

We are committed to helping develop our industry, both in terms of meeting future skills needs and ensuring it operates ethically and responsibly.

We are active members of the open source software community and contribute code back to the Moodle and Mahara organisation.

Employer Responsibility

One of our key responsibilities as a business is to the staff we employ – we want to ensure they are motivated, fairly treated and fairly rewarded. Over recent years, we have introduced a range of programmes that offer different benefits to staff, over and above legal requirements, that reflect different interests.

These include:

• subsidised gym membership at a local health club
• a cycle to work scheme, which helps staff buy bicycles and safety equipment and which also provides secure bike storage while at work
• Regular career development courses

Responsibility to suppliers

We actively seek to work with suppliers that share our views and values – particularly regarding the environment. Environmental issues are a key part of supplier selection and we work with them in a responsible way, offering fair payment terms and conditions. Where possible and appropriate, we will use local businesses as suppliers to help invest in our own community.

Future actions

We will work to gain ISO14001 accreditation for our environmental policy as soon as is possible.

Other related policies

• HR policy
Environmental Policy
Code of Conduct
• Alcohol and drugs policy
Equal opportunities policy
Diversity policy
• Data protection

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