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LUNS has a wealth of experience in the provision of service to both the Public and Private Sectors. From providing fully managed network services to over 300,000 students and teachers across Lancashire and Cumbria to the supply of individual high-speed broadband connections to small independent businesses, we understand the differing needs of all our customers and have the skills and knowledge to find the perfect solution.

English Lakes Hotels – Lake District Hotel Chain

“English Lakes has had a business relationship with network services for many years and has been a customer of LUNS in particular for the last 6 years.”

“As a hospitality business, the requirements for internet connectivity are diverse and continue to grow. The solutions provided by LUNS provide an excellent service to meet these requirements and have a clear road map to meet this growth. All this is provided at very competitive costs compared with other service providers.”

“LUNS has the advantage for English Lakes that they are a local business, with local knowledge and fast response times, you can meet face to face, not just have a phone call with people who could be hundreds of miles away. They understand the business and the locality of our business and the challenges this provides for communications and connectivity in general.”

“Aside from the value of the service, reliability is absolutely key for 24 hour hospitality. LUNS is one business partner whose service English Lakes does not have to worry about in this respect. Service interruptions are rare and when they do occur are dealt with quickly and by experienced engineers that you get to deal with directly.”

“English Lakes are so happy with the LUNS services that we have expanded the provision to our other hotel sites in South Lakes / North Lancs and are consolidating other internet and wide area network provision to a LUNS solution. We would fully recommend LUNS services to other local businesses.”

Harvie Rollins – Group Technology Manager, Eglish Lakes Hotels & Venues

CLEO – Cumbria & Lancashire Education Online

“LUNS staff are particularly conscientious and display a high level of skill and commitment. Their response time to deal with unexpected problems is rapid and dealt with in a professional manner.”

“For the past 8 years LUNS staff have managed our ISP services offering us a support contract which more than satisfies our needs. The expertise of LUNS staff and the advice given to us by them has meant that our schools have enjoyed a cost effective and trouble free service. I’ve had on many occasions been impressed by their dedication and knowledge, particularly with regards to upgrades and improvements to the services we offer.
I would have no hesitation in recommending LUNS as a service provider.”

Jeff Haslam – Cumbria Children’s Services, Cumbria County Council

Printed Space – Business Broadband Customer

“We work with clients and suppliers all over the world creating bespoke printed products and need reliable, high-speed and high-capacity broadband. We often have to send and receive huge files – anything up to 2 and 3GB each– which previously was taking hours, requiring people to stay at work all night, or to be in over the weekend when they didn’t really need to be.

We had to send things in sections on separate files, which was far from ideal for us, our suppliers and our clients. Thanks to the new broadband solution provided by LUNS we can now work in minutes rather than hours – and, when we’re sending and receiving files, it doesn’t make everything else grind to a halt like it used to.

Every department has a broadband-based working schedule and the new LUNS solution now allows us to plan and operate much more efficiently, knowing we don’t have to worry about downloading massive files that would then disrupt everything else in the premises. It’s brought about a totally new atmosphere in our working day, removed a lot of frustration and means we can now schedule all our procedures much more confidently and effectively.

My only regret is that we didn’t contact LUNS a long time ago!”

Michelle Holt – MD Printed Space

Lancaster City Council – various networking services

“LUNS is a very competent and effective service provider. Support when it has been required has been swift and effective”

Barry Simcox – Technical Support Manager, Lancaster City Council

Lancaster University – various network services

“LUNS regularly provides a quick response as well as an efficient resolution to issues. Our experience has been that LUNS engineers are extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled and competent, and demonstrate a high degree of care and dedication in their work. Their business administration is also efficient and provides us with good, high quality communications.”

Nick Burd – Head of Technical Infrastructure Group, Lancaster University

LUNS VLE & e-Portfolio Services

“Not only is the LUNS team at the cutting edge of Moodle and Mahara development but they are also quick to apply this expertise for the benefit of their clients, so that with a LUNS install you can be confident of trusted, reliable hosting.”

Mary Cooch – e-learning trainer and consultant, a.k.a MoodleFairy

Some of the organisations that LUNS has provided services to include:

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