Case Study – Business Broadband

Printed Space - Business Broadband Customer

LUNS provides a comprehensive business-class broadband solution for thriving and growing creative company, Printed Space, at White Lund, Morecambe.

MD Michelle Holt says it’s like working in a completely new environment, bringing direct benefits immediately and enhancing the company’s potential for future growth – a comment typical of the response of LUNS clients.

Here’s what Michelle says:

“We work with clients and suppliers all over the world creating bespoke printed products like unique wallpapers and floor coverings and need reliable, high-speed and high-capacity broadband.

Printed Space often has to send and receive huge files – anything up to 2 and 3GB each – which previously was taking hours, requiring people to stay at work all night, or to be in over the weekend when they didn’t really need to be.

We had to send things in sections on separate files, which was far from ideal for us, our suppliers and our clients. Thanks to the new broadband solution provided by LUNS we can now work in minutes rather than hours – and, when we’re sending and receiving files, it doesn’t make everything else grind to a halt like it used to.

Every department has a broadband based working schedule and the new LUNS solution now allows us to plan and operate much more efficiently, knowing we don’t have to worry about downloading massive files that would then disrupt everything else in the premises. It’s brought about a totally new atmosphere in our working day, removed a lot of frustration and means we can now schedule all our procedures much more confidently and effectively.

My only regret is that we didn’t contact LUNS a long time ago!

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