Case Study – Education & Government

Provision of ICT Services to Education & Local Government

2000 – 2011

LUNS was established to formalise relationships with Lancashire & Cumbria County Councils in order to provide high quality networks and managed services to schools and public sector organisations across the region as part of the CLEO (Cumbria & Lancashire Education Online) contact. Due to the largely rural nature of this region, the provision of these services was seen as being of great social and economic importance. There have also been environmental issues along the way as the region is also an area of ecological significance and the way in which the services have been delivered have often had to be modified to reflect this; one example of this was to roll out wireless network infrastructure utilising telegraph poles in rural environments. Rather than use mains power, the installations were designed to be powered from photo-voltaic cells and wind turbines installed on the same pole. This was the first example in Cumbria of using technologies in this way.

Working within this regulatory framework and understanding the political and technical drivers of the public sector have enabled LUNS to further develop our service offerings to other customers within the public and private sectors. LUNS now provide fully managed network services to schools, libraries, hospitals and council buildings throughout the counties of Cumbria and Lancashire. Alongside this, LUNS provide a fully managed ITIL-compliant systems suite, which briefly include:

• A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
• Video Conferencing Service
• Remote Access Solutions
• Centrally managed local caching & filtering services
• Full Email Service
• Anti-Virus Service

All the above services are supported by LUNS’ dedicated Network Operations and Customer Service Centres. The level of support delivered is summarisd by Jeff Haslam of Cumbria Childrens Services below.

LUNS staff are particularly conscientious and display a high level of skill and commitment. Their response time to deal with unexpected problems is rapid and dealt with in a professional manner.

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