Case Study – Rural Broadband Development

Provision of Connectivity & Support to Rural Communities

Barley Village 2003 – 2011

LUNS, under its contract with Lancashire County Council, has provided connectivity and support to a number of rural communities who, otherwise, would be unable to receive broadband connectivity. One such community to whom we have provided services is Barley Village in Lancashire’s Pendle Valley. The access to broadband is of obvious social and economic importance to members of the local community and local businesses as it enables them to access services comparable with urban areas.

LUNS’ role in the delivery of services to Barley, and other rural communities, has been the provision of high capacity bandwidth into the village which is then distributed wirelessly amongst the local residents and businesses. As the community rely heavily on the performance of this service, LUNS has provided direct  support to Barley Village. Due to the close working relationships between the engineering and support departments within LUNS we have been able to provide not only extremely quick response and resolution times in the rare event of a service fault, but also personalised friendly service from our knowledgeable support staff. This is precisely the level of service required from such a community-focused customer and has been recognised as such:

“I have to say that the reliability of your service over the last seven years has been unquestionable. Any difficulties have been dealt with quickly and courteously by your staff. The staff are friendly and always seem happy to help.

I would have no hesitation in confirming that my experience with your service has been very favourable.”

David Goodger
Barley Village Broadband

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