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  • 27/10/11 LUNS Developer Gets Moodle HQ Post

    After  six years working at LUNS, Dan Poltawski has accepted a position at Moodle HQ in Australia. During his time with LUNS, our commitment to Open Source Software has helped put Dan at the forefront of the open source e-Learning community. Dan is now a core Moodle developer and through his significant contributions to the project over the years he has earned an enviable reputation worldwide which has led to the offer of this position at the company’s headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. It represents an exciting opportunity for Dan, both professionally and personally, and he is relishing the challenges of a new position and a move down under.

    Over recent years Dan has overseen the progress of other key members of the LUNS development team: Andrew Nicols and Ruslan Kabalin have followed Dan’s lead in forging notable reputations in both the Moodle and Mahara communities, achieving us Partner status, and are now amongst the most significant worldwide contributors to these projects. Between them Ruslan and Andrew have been in the top 5 of contributors to the source of the latest versions of Moodle and Mahara. It is testament to both LUNS’ commitment to staff development and our focus on Open Source Software that has provided an environment for our development team to thrive. Having developers on staff with such experience enables LUNS to provide bespoke integration and development to a number of high profile institutions including the Open University, University College London and Lancaster University. Along with bespoke integration and development, LUNS also provide managed Moodle/Mahara hosting services across the education, charitable and commercial sectors.

    Everyone at LUNS has a deep sense of pride in the position that the company now has in the e-Learning community and recognise Dan’s contribution to this over the years. We wish Dan all the very best in his endeavours at Moodle HQ and look forward to continuing to work together in the development of Moodle and the delivery of quality e-Learning services.

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  • 2/09/11 LUNS September Newsletter!

    Click here for the latest LUNS newsletter.

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  • 28/06/11 LUNS recent activity in the Open Source community

    Supporting Open Source Software

    At LUNS, we live and breathe open source software – every day we make extensive use of open source software to deliver world-leading services to our customers, to monitor and support our networks and to help streamline our back-office operations.

    In addition to making extensive use of open source software we pride ourselves on contributing to open source projects and allowing others to benefit from our contributions. Our team includes developers of both the Moodle and Mahara open source projects and we work together with other developers world-wide to enhance the functionality of the projects, rapidly fix bugs and participate in the official project forums. By being closely involved with these projects and being members of the respective projects’ Security Teams, we can offer a secure and robust service, often patching vulnerabilities before public disclosure.

    Some notable examples of our contributions to open source projects this month have been:

    • Supporting the world leading open-source ePortfolio Mahara, release 1.4:
      • As mentioned in the 1.4 release announcement LUNS were the second largest contributor to the Mahara 1.4
      • We now host and support the continuous integration server: which is being used as part of the Mahara Development Cycle
      • LUNS staff now make up 50% of the Mahara Review team fixing bugs and improving the Mahara releases
    • Enhancing and improving the messaging system in the soon to be released Moodle 2.1
      • LUNS were commissioned by The Open University to extend the Moodle Messaging framework introduced in Moodle 2.0 to give more power to administrators and plug-in authors
      • We developed and successfully integrated the improvements to the Messaging system which are due to be included in Moodle 2.1 expected to be released later this month.
    • Supporting OpenNMS on IPv6 Transition
      • As well as being one of the leading worldwide organisations participating in World IPv6 day, LUNS participated in the OpenNMS IPv6 “remote poller testing” to help ensure OpenNMS readiness for the forthcoming IPv6 Transition.

    LUNS are committed to open standards and open source software, we believe that using open source software provides benefits to our customers in providing cost effective solutions and maximum flexibility to meet business needs. If you’d like LUNS to help you with development, integration or support of open source solutions, please Contact Us.

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  • 22/06/11 Latest Version of Mahara Released!

    The final release of version 1.4 of the Mahara e-Portfolio platform was released this month with special credit given to LUNS. Mahara is a popular Open Source ePortfolio platform that can be used standalone or integrated with a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Moodle. LUNS have extensive experience in the integration, development and deployment of both platforms. Two of the LUNS development team are in the top ten of contributors to the code for this global release which demonstrates LUNS commitment to the development of Mahara and the wider Open Source community; we are also in the top ten of contributors to the latest Moodle 2.0 release. Along with the contribution to the development of these e-learning systems LUNS have also provided robust hosted delivery of these services to over 250,000 users. If you would like to find out more about our services please Contact Us for more information.

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  • 9/06/11 LUNS survives IPv6 Test Flight!

    Along with other major service providers, such as Google and Facebook, LUNS underwent a 24-hour IPv6 ‘test flight’ on World IPv6 Day yesterday to carry out a global-scale test of the new Internet Protocol. The test successfully demonstrated that the LUNS infrastructure including is ready for the move to IPv6. The current Internet Protocol (IPv4) has been around for nearly 30 years and acts as the addressing system for devices on computer networks across the world. The IPv4 address space is close to being exhausted due in part to the recent exponential proliferation of Internet-enabled devices. IPv6 will accommodate 340 undecillion address (1 undecillion = 10 followed by 35 zeros in the British numbering system). To read more about the IPv6 test flight please visit

    LUNS, through its involvement with parent company Lancaster University, has had a long involvement in the development and roll-out of IPv6. Early contributions from the university included inputs into the v6 protocol standardisation process, and the first ever implementation of the Mobile IPv6 protocol stack. This led to Lancaster working on behalf of Cisco Systems to develop their first implementation of the MIPv6 home agent.

    Lancaster University has, for a number of years now, run a “dual stack” campus infrastructure, able to handle both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, and was also a lead partner in 6NET, a large scale pan-European IPv6 testbed. As part of this effort, they have made both research and standards contributions to the field of transitioning techniques for supporting the move from IPv4 to IPv6.

    The LUNS network and hosting infrastructure also runs in dual stack so our customers can adopt the IPv6 protocol in time for the impending global transition. To find out more please Contact Us for more information.

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