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Corporate Solutions

LUNS has worked with both public and private sector organisations to provide bespoke, major regional network systems, bringing pioneering techniques and innovative use of existing resources to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

We consistently exceed expectations.

Our expertise and wide-ranging experience in successfully handling a variety of economic, environmental and technological considerations on behalf of our clients has given us the background to offer knowledgeable and creative consultancy and project management services to clients who demand reliability, security and cost-effectiveness from their new systems.

Project Management

We know that you want your projects delivered on time, within budget and with a result that brings the maximum benefits to your organisation or business.
We’ll work with you to make sure that’s exactly what you get from LUNS.
We’ll help you mitigate and manage risks while always taking account of relevant sensitivities, obligations and constraints. All our managers hold PRINCE2 Practitioner qualifications and adhere to PRINCE2 methodology in the project management of everything we do.

This gives our clients the reassurance that their individual projects will all follow a precisely defined set of processes with quality checks throughout their lifecycle, guaranteeing that solutions are delivered absolutely in line with your specific requirements.

Each new project has its own dedicated manager for its entire duration, fully trained in the latest industry best-practice and with the back-up of our full support and network service teams.
LUNS understands that it’s not just about providing products and services; it’s also about how they are delivered and deployed. Our project managers will make sure you get the solutions that are right for you and that they’re installed and commissioned effectively.


Over the years we’ve delivered a huge range of network services to public and private sector organisations, each with its own requirements, challenges and considerations.
Through these projects LUNS has built up a wealth of experience in meeting exacting standards of security, accessibility and systems integration within a variety of jurisdiction and regulation compliance frameworks.
Because we know that no two clients have exactly the same needs – and because technology doesn’t stand still, we’re constantly developing innovative approaches, procedures and practices in order to deliver projects that surpass our clients’ stated aims.

We’ll make you aware of the latest cutting-edge techniques and products if we think they provide the best, most cost-effective and future-proofed solution to your particular requirements. But if there’s a way of utilising your existing infrastructure, with some creative additions and enhancements that we know will work for you, then we’ll talk to you about that as well.

Contact LUNS now to discuss how our experience, expertise and innovative thinking can deliver real benefits to your business or organisation.

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