LUNS Network Services

LUNS expert design teams and skilled, experienced engineers have devised ground-breaking solutions to enable provision of large-scale Wide Area Networks using the very latest, cutting-edge technology.

We can provide high-speed fibre-optic connectivity either via our own dedicated network infrastructure or utilising managed services from third-party suppliers.

We’ve worked with a range of public and private sector organisations requiring fully-managed multi-site networks as well as offering high-speed Internet connectivity to individual businesses.

In more remote geographical areas, LUNS has led the market in the innovative use of wireless technology, for example in creating and maintaining cross-county educational networks used by hundreds of thousands of end users. These networks cover regions whose largely rural and often very isolated nature brought many challenges and forced an innovative approach to the network design and the technologies used.

We hold full telecommunications code powers, enabling us to unbundle BT exchanges, install telegraph poles and roadside cabinets as well as lay fibre under the public highway. All this results in LUNS being in the position of being able to deliver a bespoke network solution using true innovation.

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