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Committed to IPv6 Development

In line with our long-standing reputation for delivering innovative network solutions to our clients LUNS are committed to the development of IPv6, the new Internet addressing protocol. The current Internet Protocol (IPv4) has been around for nearly 30 years and acts as the addressing system for devices on computer networks across the world. The IPv4 address space is close to being exhausted due in part to the recent exponential proliferation of Internet-enabled devices. IPv6 will accommodate 340 undecillion address (1 undecillion = 10 followed by 35 zeros in the British numbering system).

Along with other major service providers, such as Google and Facebook, LUNS underwent a 24-hour IPv6 ‘test flight’ on World IPv6 Day on 8th June 2011 to carry out a global-scale test of the new Internet Protocol. The test successfully demonstrated that the LUNS infrastructure including is ready for the move to IPv6. To read more about the IPv6 test flight please visit

LUNS, through its association with parent company Lancaster University, has had a long involvement in the development and roll-out of IPv6. Early contributions from the university included inputs into the v6 protocol standardisation process, and the first ever implementation of the Mobile IPv6 protocol stack. This led to Lancaster working on behalf of Cisco Systems to develop their first implementation of the MIPv6 home agent.

Lancaster University has, for a number of years now, run a “dual stack” campus infrastructure, able to handle both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, and was also a lead partner in 6NET, a large scale pan-European IPv6 testbed. As part of this effort, they have made both research and standards contributions to the field of transitioning techniques for supporting the move from IPv4 to IPv6.

The LUNS network and hosting infrastructure also runs in dual stack so our customers can adopt the IPv6 protocol in time for the impending global transition. To find out more please Contact Us for more information.

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