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Open source web development

LUNS have vast experience in software development and large scale Open Source project deployment for our customers. We have a global reputation for our development of Moodle & Mahara and have an in-depth understanding of other major open source projects enabling us to offer you bespoke development services in PHP platforms such as Drupal and WordPress.

Why chose Open Source?

Choosing an open source platform for your project gives you significant advantages over closed commercial products. Open Source Software gives you flexibility in terms of choosing a support provider, you do not need to rely on a limited number of expensive partners. The vast numbers of users increases active participation in community work and development affording you more support and development options if you require bespoke functionality at an affordable price.

In terms of security, Open Source Software has the benefit of its code being made widely available increasing the visibility of issues thus spotting and fixing bugs is significantly quicker – any developer can pick it up and suggest a solution that will be integrated by leading developers. Conversely, with commercial software, the code doesn’t benefit from such wide visibility so finding the security issues and fixing them tend to be much more difficult and time consuming.

How we work

We provide a wide range of development services to a variety of clients from organisations with systems used by a handful of users to systems with hundreds of thousands of users. Your design request will be dealt with professionally, the project will be established and agreed upon, you will be provided with relevant documentation and will be able to track the progress of development and discuss it at all stages. You can be assured that the development work carried out by LUNS meets all relevant standards and code conventions of the given project.

At your request, we can submit client features designed by us to the original project ensuring you receive appropriate acknowledgement for your contribution.

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