Rural Broadband

A Major Concern

At LUNS we take the broadband needs of often remote rural locations extremely seriously.
People living in our village communities many miles away from the main towns and cities feel they should enjoy the same advantages of swift and reliable engagement with online services, better communication around the world and the improved quality of life such connectivity can bring.

We work to help them achieve that, rather than them having to wait indefinitely for major UK communication providers to invest the billions of pounds it would take to upgrade their infrastructure.
LUNS has years of experience of working with rural communities to help them tackle, head on, the challenges of bringing the benefits of broadband technology to schools, businesses and even whole villages.

Our designers and technicians thrive on the opportunity to deliver high-quality, high-speed connections through innovative and pioneering technological expertise which has seen us overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to broadband delivery.

No one solution fits every scenario but our mix of fibre-optic and wireless technology skills and a free-thinking approach has provided broadband connectivity to villages like Barley, Wennington and Wray in Lancashire and Great Asby and Alston in Cumbria. And we’re already in talks with more who’ve heard of our successes.

Call us today to discuss how LUNS can help you meet your rural broadband requirements.