Bespoke VLE Services

VLE Services

With vast experience of providing VLE services based on Moodle and Mahara for education, LUNS provide hosting of both systems as either stand-alone services or integrated solutions. Our other services include development, hosting, support and consultancy.

Mahara and Moodle community work

LUNS  is an official Mahara Partner and actively involved in both Mahara and Moodle project development along with wider open source community interaction. Members of the LUNS development team are recognised Mahara and Moodle core developers who contribute to both projects as a part of their everyday roles. This work is done alongside  other developers from around the world and includes bug-fixing and bug management on the issue tracker, forum support (including moderation of the Mahara forum), enhancement of existing product features and proposing new functionality.

On the Mahara 1.4 release, LUNS was the second largest contributor to Mahara after the Mahara owner company. Among the large recent contributions to Moodle was Moodle Messaging Enhancement which has been a significant change added recently to the core. LUNS was commissioned to carry out this work by the Open University who have one of the world’s largest Moodle deployments.

What we can offer you

As core developers of Mahara and Moodle open source projects, we can offer you our expertise and development services including the addition of desired features to your instance of the platform. If you wish we can submit the features we design for you to the global codebase of the project. Not only does this ensure that you receive acknowledgement for the contribution but it enables you to benefit from improvement and refinement of your feature  from the wider Mahara & Moodle development teams.

Whether you need a single feature design or long-term partnership we are happy to provide our consultancy and development services. You can be assured that the work carried out by LUNS meets the highest standards and the code will comply with Mahara and Moodle code conventions and interoperability.

We also offer extensive support services which could be in the form of a support contract where we maintain your instance of Moodle or Mahara including 24/7 monitoring, provision of telephone & email-support and application of all the latest updates and security patches. You will also have the advantage of having security fixes applied before they are publicly announced due to LUNS developer’s membership of the Mahara security team.

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